Sep 01 2020

Back to school bath time routine

So, the holidays are now over, and the little ones are going back to school. Routines may have been relaxed over the holidays, but now school has started you will find yourself adopting stricter bath and bed routines. BUT, getting them back can be somewhat a nightmare! So, here is a few tips from a fellow parent to give you a hand.

Get everything ready
Before you get your little one in the bath, make sure you have everything ready at arm’s reach. This means the towel, soap, sponge and all those bath toys.  This is when some extra storage in the bathroom comes in useful. At Spinks Interiors we offer a large selection of cabinets, and wall hung vanity cabinets, which look great and will help you store all the bathroom essentials.


Make the whole experience relaxing
Bath time should be a relaxing experience for both you and your child. Clever bathroom lighting can create the right ambience in the bathroom. In our showrooms you will be spoilt for choose with the selection of LED lighting options to help soften and lighting in your bathroom.

Have Fun
Bath time should be fun for both you and your child. Play some fun games, have a chat or even have a go at changing the colour of the bath water as there’s lots of safe dyes on the market.

Add some music
Surprise you child with some upbeat music, pick their favourite songs and tunes that they love so they can have a splash around in time to the music. For those super techs out there, at Spinks Interiors, we have a range of Bluetooth mirrors and baths so it could not be easier to connect to your favourite music.



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