Can a towel rail replace a radiator?

Sep 17 2020

Can a towel rail replace a radiator?

The colder months will soon be upon us. So, now maybe the time to start thinking about how you can effectively heat your bathrooms. Having a way to keep your bathroom at a comfortable temperature can help your bathroom be a nice relaxing space. There is nothing better then getting out of a bath or shower and wrapping up in a warm cosy towel. Most bathrooms will tend to have a radiator to heat the room and towel, but they can be bulky and take up space.  Towel rails a more practical solution than standard radiators, and they also make a stylish addition to any bathroom.



There are specific towel rails that can tie into your home’s central heating system. These rails double as the radiator for your bathroom, standing vertically and helping to save space. The towel rails can also be mounted at different heights on a wall, making them a much more flexible solution to a radiator.

Most heated towel rails will provide enough heat to warm the bathroom and also keep your towels fluffy and warm – ready for when you step out of the bath or shower. A larger bathroom, however, may require another source of heating to sufficiently warm the room.

There are a variety of shapes and sizes available, so you’ve got plenty of choice on what style you believe would complement your bathroom. Most heated towel rails look modern, sleek, stylish and glamorous and can really help perk up a bathroom. Ladder rails are the most popular type, from small versions with only a few runs to large behemoths that would take up my entire bathroom wall.  Designer towel rails have the largest variety of styles; with everything from loops, rings, spirals, waves and more represented here. There are even traditional towel rails available if you fancy something a bit less modern. For some inspiration, you can visit our showroom where we have a range of towel rails for on display.


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