5 tips for a cosy Autumnal bathroom

Oct 07 2020

5 tips for a cosy Autumnal bathroom

Our bathroom Showroom Manager, Marie has picked out her top 5 tips to give your bathroom an autumnal cosy makeover.

Tip 1 Towels
Invest in good quality thick fluffy towels is a must, especially in the winter. You really notice the difference between a new, soft towel and an old towel that desperately needs replacing. So treat yourself to a new set of towels this winter.

Tip 2  Colour
Trick your mind into thinking your bathroom is warmer than it actually is. If you are thinking of changing your tiles or repainting adding splashes of red, orange and yellow will give your bathroom an autumn winter glow and make it seem more inviting in the colder months. I love these mosaics with a burnt orange, creams and coppers. These tiles are a wonderfully colourful addition to your home.


Tip 3 Bath Rug
Invest in thick winter bath rug. This will give you something nice and soft to step onto when you get out the bath or shower, and it also helps to make your bathroom look and feel warmer too.

Tip 4 Lighting
Make sure your bathroom lighting is adequate, you can change your lighting by simply adding an LED lit mirror. You will find a range of LED mirrors to choose from in all our showrooms. This round brass illuminated mirror from Dansani  will add a touch of class to any bathroom.

Tip 5 Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails will instantly warm up your space and they are a quick and easy way to add a little luxury to your bathroom. You can enjoy the feeling of being wrapped up in a fluffy, warm towel after a steamy shower or bath with a heated towel rail. They are also an excellent space saver for storing towels and adding a modern aesthetic to your bathroom. My favourite towel warmer at the moment is this modern black rail from DQ Heating, and comes with attachable shelves, perfect for storing towels neatly.

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