Tips for organising your winter wardrobe

Nov 03 2020

Tips for organising your winter wardrobe

Our Bedroom designer, Lynn has compiled some tips and advice on seasonal storage and how to organise you winter wardrobe.  It is that time of the year, when you swap your summer frock for winter woollies. But this can often put pressure on your precious storage space – bringing new challenges on how to organise your shelves, drawers and hanging space.

Store away your summer clothes

Vacuum bags are the perfect solution. Pack away all your summer clothes and pop under the bed or in the loft until summer returns.

Sort through your winter clothes

Sort through you winter clothes. Be ruthless! If you did not wear something last winter, are your really going to wear it this winter?  Either sell it on ebay, donate to charity or give to friends or family.

Invest in wooden hangers – these will not ruin your clothes and they are much more durable than wire hangers.  Decide which items to fold and which to hang. As a rule, jumpers and jeans are better folded to leave space for dresses, tops and jackets. If you are lacking in drawer or storage space, fold your knitwear in half to drape over the hanger.

Organise your clothes into styles, so trousers, dresses, skirts, jackets.  You could also sort into colours from dark to light so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

For that perfect storage solution for your bedroom, you can request an appointment with our bedroom design consultant. Whatever the space, you can have bespoke made to measure storage solutions. Request a quote here.

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