Everything you need to know about turning a bathroom into a wet room

Sep 06 2021

Everything you need to know about turning a bathroom into a wet room

If you’re considering turning your bathroom into a showering area, wet rooms are a great space-saving solution, especially popular if you have a smaller room.

Our customers often ask about the process of turning a bathroom into a wet room, so here are some frequently asked questions.

What is a wet room?
A wet room is a waterproofed bathroom with shower area, usually enclosed with a glass screen to prevent water splashing outside of the shower area. With the level of the floor being the same as the rest of the room, a shower tray is installed under the surface by sinking it into the floor. The tray is covered in a waterproof membrane and then covered with tiles or vinyl flooring. Wet Room

How do you install a wet room?
We would recommend an expert carry out the installation of a wet room, to avoid water leakage and damage. The two main steps are:

  1. Water Drainage – An area under the shower tray will be chosen for the drainage. A slope will be created to ensure water flows towards the drainage.
  2. Water proofing -To avoid any water damage, the floor is covered by tiles or vinyl flooring. A waterproofing membrane is also layered between your floor and the tiles/vinyl to provide extra waterproofing. Underfloor heating is also recommended to help the water in your wet room dry quicker. Spinks Interiors can also supply this at very competitive prices.

Is my bathroom suitable?
There are a few things to consider before deciding if a wet room is the right for you. See below some advantages and disadvantages:


  • Easy to clean – thanks to the clean, minimal lines of a wet room, maintenance and cleaning are easier than a traditional bathroom.
  • Maximise Space – A completely waterproofed room gives you more space to shower.
  • Stylish – The demand for open plan living has increased as more homeowners are changing their outdated bathrooms into ultra-sleek, contemporary wet rooms, complete with walk in showers. This gives the illusion of greater space and the feeling of pure luxury.


  • To ensure the room is water tight, tiles or wall panels are applied to the walls. These can be expensive in comparison to other shower options as you need to cover the whole room.
  • To need to ensure you have the right person to carry out the job, due to the waterproofing

To find out if a wet room can be fitted within your current bathroom, you can request a home visit from one of our expert designers to carry out a free survey by booking a free design appointment.

How much does a wet room installation cost?
It all depend on the size of your room and the choice of fixtures and fitting. Tiles or other wall covering vary depending on the design and material.  The bigger your room, the more material you will need to cover it and the longer it will take to install.

For a no-obligation quote, you can request a free home survey by booking an appointment with one of our experienced designers.


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