Bathroom Colour Trends this Autumn

Melisandre tile
Sep 28 2021

Bathroom Colour Trends this Autumn


The mornings and evenings are  getting darker as Autumn approaches us. So, there’s no better time to start thinking about making changes to your bathroom, ready for those cosy nights.

If you feel that your bathroom could do with a new lease of life, Spinks Interiors has everything you need to create that perfect cosy space to light those candles and relax. Below we’re highlighted the top colour trends to inject into your bathroom this Autumn.

Deep Blue
Deep blues are back, and we are seeing this gorgeous colour take to our bathrooms. Deeper shades are increasing in popularity, with inky shades being chosen over pastels.

Deep blue tiles

Mineral tile in emerald

Our beautiful mineral tile in emerald will certainly give your bathroom that ‘wow’ factor. Inspired by semi-precious stones from across the globe (pictured in our Doncaster Showroom)

If you have a smaller bathroom, too much blue may close in the space making your room feel smaller, so consider using small dashes of blue. With softly rounded edges and a contemporary silhouette, the Roper Rhodes wall mounted basin unit in blue offers extensive storage with minimum impact on space.

Roper Rhodes wall mounted basin unit

If you want further advice on our range of blue bathroom ideas, you can book a free appointment with one of our design team, to help you select the right products for your bathroom.

Green, and hues inspired by nature are also big this Autumn. This year’s home décor has been all about nature, and green continues to be on the top of the list for the most on-trend shade.

How much of green you need in the bathroom though depends both on its style and the ambiance you prefer. When exploring green bathroom ideas, consider basing your scheme around a dark green and contrast it with brighter shades for a contemporary look.

Crosswater MPRO

Crosswater MPRO

Dashes of brass will add an air of sophistication to your space. You can easily achieve this by opting for our Crosswater MPRO brassware in Brushed Brass.

The new Ca’pietra National Trust range on display in the Doncaster showroom certainly brings nature indoors, inspired by properties, gardens, coastlines and the countryside, and why not add texture and life to your bathroom with indoor plants.

Ca'pietra National Trust Tiles

Ca’pietra National Trust Tiles

In our showrooms you will find green bathroom ideas, inspired by nature, you can book a free appointment with our experienced in-house designers to help you plan your nature-inspired bathroom.

Inspired by spa’s, beige is a big bathroom colour trend of 2021. Even with those dark winter months, a bathroom with beige sections can still feel warm and relaxing with the right artificial lighting. Our Melisandre tile range incorporates the look of natural stone. This lovely beige and cream tones would add a touch of luxury and warmth to any bathroom.

Melisandre tile

Melisandre tile

Tie the scheme together with items and fittings boasting curved lines and sleek finishes, like the double ended free standing Victoria+Albert Pescadero bath which features an undulating rim, designed to form a distinctive, asymmetrical ‘wave’. which you’ll find available in our showroom.

Victoria+Albert Pescadero bath

Victoria+Albert Pescadero bath

Add a must-have bath tray, for the ultimate spare feel – perfect relaxing with a cup of coffee, or glass of bubbly.

Bathroom Accessory

If you need any further help planning your bathroom, let our in-house designers create a 3D design of your bathroom so you can play around with some colour themes. Book an appointment here.

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