Spinks is proud to offer something a little different for our customers including the latest trends and technological innovations in the bathroom industry.

These can either be small quirky talking points in a traditional room or one of many innovations in a state-of-the-art design.

Rediscover the height 

of indulgence

Shower in ultimate luxury with curvy tiled shower seats, digital easy-to-use shower controls and multifunctional shower heads with waterfall features

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Style and efficiency

without compromise

Rimless toilets are not only easier to clean than standard toilets – they’re more hygienic and use 30% less water. The AquaClean shower toilet is also proving popular. It washes you clean with a pleasant, warm water spray. Our range of toilets and bidets offers the perfect model for any requirement– from a stylish complete solution to a simple enhancement on existing models

Spinks Interiors | Bathroom Innovations

Bathe with Bluetooth

Connect to your Bluetooth devices and make your bath time truly relaxing. Whether it be listening to music, watching films or reading digital books – the choice is yours with Kaldewei steel baths with Soundwave and Bluetooth capability

Spinks Interiors | Bathroom Innovations

Try something a little different

Have you ever seen a mirror that you can listen to music through!? With the Roper Rhodes Bluetooth wireless technology, you will soon! Another novelty which is proving ever popular is underfloor heating. Get out the bath or shower and have instantly warm feet!

Spinks Interiors | Bathroom Innovations

Aquavision – the ultimate in luxury

Aquavision is just one of the names we are proud to be able to offer customers. As the leading manufacturer of waterproof, flush and in-wall televisions – the products are the first choice for homeowners. With a wide range of screen sizes, four product ranges combined with three enclosure styles – provides an unrivalled product and application range that will suit any bathroom

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