Lets talk shower toilets

Shower Toilet
Sep 04 2020

Lets talk shower toilets

What are shower toilets?
No, it’s not a toilet in a shower!  A shower toilet looks like a normal toilet, however it has built in water jets, which can be accompanied with a drying function, to replace the need for toilet roll. 

Although shower toilets are more popular in and around Asia especially for its hygiene benefits, they are now becoming more popular in Britain. Especially now people are more cautious about hygiene routines since the Coronavirus outbreak.

The benefits of shower toilets
Cleaning with warm water is more gentle yet more thorough than with toilet paper, it is ideal for cleaning the sensitive intimate area. You will feel clean and refreshed after every visit to the shower toilet. Additional comfort functions, which vary according to the model, round off your experience of well-being. Anyone who has experienced this fresh, clean feeling will never want to go without it again.

From a medical perspective there are several hygiene and health benefits to shower toilets. Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Herold, a specialist in coloproctology, advocates the use of water in toilet hygiene and advises against opting for treated toilet paper or wet wipes.

“My recommendation is always the same: whenever possible, you should only clean yourself with water.”

This video from Geberit explains how it works…



In our Doncaster showroom we have fully functioning Geberit UK Aquaclean shower toilet. With a sensor opening lid, programmable temperature and strength of squirt setting (oh yes!) – this product is a life-changer! 

Request a demo today at our Spinks Interiors Doncaster showroom

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