10 Elf on the Shelf Bathroom Ideas

Dec 01 2020

10 Elf on the Shelf Bathroom Ideas

It’s that time of the year, when that little naughty elf comes out of hiding. Whilst the kids love the little cute elf, to some parents he is their worst nightmare! Waking up in the middle of the night having forgotten to move him, then having to thing think what to do with him!  So, we’ve made it a little easier, here’s 10-bathroom themed ideas to help you out with elf’s antics…

  1. Coloured bath water: add a couple of drops of natural food colouring to the bath water, our elf turned the bathwater magical!
  2. Shaving foam fun:  Create small snowmen around the edge of the bath.
  3. Toilet roll trails: write a message on the empty tube, roll a small amount out of the bathroom for a cheeky trail, or simply wrap your elf up and wait for the little ones to discover him.
  4. Hide and seek:  classic and easy to set up- there are lots of places to hide in the bathroom! Inside a toilet roll tube, behind the bath toys, in the toothbrush holder…
  5. Time for a shower: another great hiding place- behind the shower gel, peeping over the door or from behind the shower head!
  6. A marshmallow bath: fill a small bowl or container with mini marshmallows and pop your elf inside to take a sweet and relaxing dip!
  7. Mirror messages: use a bath crayon to leave cheeky messages for your little one-jokes are always a big hit with this one.
  8. Hitching a lift: use a rubber duck or other bath toy (boats are good) and float your elf on top for a surprising ride around the sink or bath.
  9. Pamper time: Wrap your elf’s body in a flannel, and make a hair turban with tissue paper to create a special spa session for your elf.
  10. Gone fishing: if you have a stick, some string and some jellybeans or other small items, your elf can use the sink for a spot of fishing.

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