How to pick the right towels

Jul 12 2021

How to pick the right towels

When shopping for new towels for your bathroom there are a few things to consider. Not only do they keep us dry and clean, they also add to the look and feel of a bathroom. You can’t rely on choosing a towel by touch alone, so from material, to GSM, to towel care, here’s our guide on all things towels!



Towels are measured in GSM which stands for “Grams per Square Metre” and it essentially refers to how heavy a fabric is.

GSM is important because it will affect the absorbency and thickness of your towel. 250 – 450GSM towels are considered light weight; 450 – 600GSM towels are mid-range; and plush, luxurious, heavy weight towels will have a 600 – 800GSM weight range.

Our tip is to look for that in-between, mid-range weight for a towel that’s sufficiently absorbent, but which still has enough breathing room that it dries quickly.


Everyone has a different opinion of the best towel material…and they are all right!  When selecting new towels, you should base your choice of fabric by how soft, absorbent, and durable it is. Here are some of the most popular materials for towels and the benefits of each.

  • Turkish Cotton– This premium cotton features an extra-long staple and is grown exclusively in the country of Turkey. They offer a soft yet absorbent towel that is as wonderfully cozy as it is durable.
  • Pima Cotton– Considered the world’s best cotton, Pima cotton is known for its rich, extra-long fibers that offer strength and absorbency. Ultra-luxurious towels with an indulgent feel is what to expect from a Pima cotton towel collection.
  • Bamboo– These natural and eco-friendly towels are super soft and have great anti-bacterial qualities.
  • Organic Cotton– Towels that are made to meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) are certified to be made from organic cotton that is grown without the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers.
  • Egyptian Cotton– Coveted for its extra-long and fibrous threads, Egyptian cotton is perfect for creating towels, due to its highly absorbent yet breathable and durable features. Egyptian cotton towels are luxurious, fluffy towels that everyone will love.


Size is an important factor as well when considering a new towel purchase. There is a towel for just about everything – and they all come in unique sizes to fit the task!

  • Bath Sheet – Average Size: 35″ x 60″ – Larger than a bath towel and great for full coverage when drying off after a shower.
  • Bath Towel – Average Size: 27″ x 52″ – The most popular type of towel is the standard bath towel.
  • Hand Towel – Average Size: 16″ x 30″ – Choosing a durable hand towel is a good idea because they tend to get a lot of use drying hands in the bathroom after washing.
  • Wash Cloth – Average Size: 13” x 13” – Used for the body, hands, and face, wash cloths are commonly used in the shower, bath, or near the sink..


Take care of your towels.

Even the best towels won’t look and feel their best if not properly cared for. So, take care of your towels.

  • Read the care labels carefully before cleaning.
  • Avoid using fabric conditioners on your towels.
  • Group your towels by colour and don’t wash white towels along with coloured ones.
  • Use only a small amount of mild soap when washing them.
  • Avoid putting bleach on your towels, even on white ones. The bleach can weaken the fibres and make them less absorbent.
  • Hang your towels on a rod instead of a hook to make it dry faster.
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